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Presenter Name Session Presentation Title Type Date Added
AbdulRahman Al-Ghadir Plenary SaudiNIC Experience in Deploying DNSSec application/ 2016-03-13
Abdulsalam Alkholidi Plenary IPv4 to IPv6 transition mechanism in a fixed environment: The case of Yemen application/pdf 2016-03-22
Alexander Isavin Closing Plenary & Lightning Talks Connectivity of the Country to the Internet application/pdf 2016-04-04
Christoph Dietzel Breakout Session – GBR4 Investigation of Traffic Dependencies between IXPs in Failure Scenarios application/pdf 2016-03-23
Christoph Dietzel Breakout Session – GBR4 Blackholing at IXPs: On the Effectiveness of DDoS Mitigation in the Wild application/pdf 2016-03-23
Christopher Amin RIPE Atlas Tutorial RIPE Atlas Tutorial application/pdf 2016-03-23
Elvis Daniel Velea Plenary IP Transfers application/pdf 2016-03-24
Fadh Batayneh Plenary MEAC DNS Study application/pdf 2016-04-04
Fahd Batayneh Plenary MEAC DNS Study application/pdf 2016-03-18
Fatma Demirel Closing Plenary & Lightning Talks ISOC Beyond the Net Turkey Chapter Project application/pdf 2016-04-04
Gerardo Viviers Plenary Obtaining, Managing and Protecting IP Addresses application/pdf 2016-03-23
Gergana Petrova Opening Plenary Introduction to RACI application/keynote 2016-03-22
Giuseppe Valentino Breakout Session – GBR1 IP gravity dynamics in Regional HUBs. The Sicily Case application/pdf 2016-03-23
Hakan Akan Opening Plenary MENOG 16 Keynote application/pdf 2016-04-04
Jad El Cham Closing Plenary & Lightning Talks Demystifying 5G application/pdf 2016-03-23
Jim Cowie Plenary Local Hosting in the Middle East application/pdf 2016-03-23
Khaled Fadda Breakout Session – GBR4 An introduction to DDoS Attack application/pdf 2016-04-12
Lia Hestina Breakout Session – GBR1 RIPE Atlas application/pdf 2016-04-04
Marco Brandstaetter Breakout Session – GBR1 How to build a successful Internet exchange in the Middle East application/ 2016-03-24
Mariam Ahmed Moustafa Breakout Session – GBR1 MSR: A Multipath Secure Reliable Routing Protocol for WSNs application/ 2016-03-24
Mohamad Amin Hasbini Breakout Session – GBR4 Hello APTs in the Middle East application/ 2016-03-22
Nishal Goburdhan Tutorial Building IXPs application/pdf 2016-04-07
Nishal Goburdhan Breakout Session – GBR4 Total Internet Security of a Country application/pdf 2016-04-04
Richard Lamb Closing Plenary & Lightning Talks Internet of Things. A recent visit to CES: application/pdf 2016-04-04
Sara BAKKALI Breakout Session – GBR4 Management of Inter-domain Quality of Service application/pdf 2016-03-22
Tim Hoffman Plenary Beyond Hardware Load Balancing application/pdf 2016-04-04
Timothy Denton Breakout Session – GBR4 HE’s Observations on IXP Management application/pdf 2016-04-04
Ziad Zubidah Tutorial VPN WORLD application/pdf 2016-03-23