MENOG Host Requirements

Hosting the Middle East Network Operator Group Meeting and Peering Forum (MENOG)

What is MENOG?

The Middle East Network Operator Group Meeting and Peering Forum is the largest, non-commercial, technical, educational and community-oriented activity in the Middle East. The Forum brings together key Internet industry players from all over the globe, including:

  • Network operators
  • IXP operators, peering coordinators
  • Content providers
  • Data centre managers
  • Governments and regulators
  • Research communities and technical groups
  • Vendors

MENOG is a five-day event that includes three days of workshops, two days of Plenary sessions and several side activities.

This document outlines the requirements expected to ensure a successful event.

  • Section A deals with the requirements and expectations from the “MENOG Host”
  • Section B deals with the requirements and expectations from the “ICT Partner”
  • Sections C and D deal with the Plenary and social venues that fall under the responsibility of the MENOG secretariat and are financed by the meeting budget and sponsors

A. MENOG Host Requirements:

The prospective MENOG host is expected to provide or cover the expenses of the following:

  • A suitable venue for the MENOG workshops (the list of requirements for the workshop venue is provided in section A.1)
  • Two coffee breaks and one lunch break for 50-60 people for each of the three workshop days
  • Administrative support – for example visa invitation letters for participants
  • Dedicating at least two locals to assist with the registration desk for the Plenary
  • Local logistics guided by MENOG Secretariat

The prospective host must also be willing to support the MENOG secretariat in the following:

  • Assist in scouting for the conference venue and social event
  • Assist in identifying an ICT partner and local sponsors
  • Promote and encourage participation to MENOG locally

A.1 MENOG Workshop Requirements

The preferred location of a workshop venue is in the centre of a city, easily reached from the airport and close to public transport. The workshops can be hosted at a university, training facilities of the host or at meeting hotel.

  • Three days of parallel workshops
  • The workshops consist of two rooms in either “classroom” or “u-shape” sitting style for 20-25 people
  • Flip charts, projectors, screens and whiteboard markers should be available at the workshop venue
  • A separate unrestricted Internet wireless connection for the workshops. (All ports should be open on the workshop SSID).
  • Arrange for one PostScript table laser printer and at least two separate paper trays to be used during the workshops and Plenary at the registration desk. The printer is required to be delivered, installed, tested and fully functioning at least one day prior to the workshops.

B. ICT Partner Requirements

The prospective ICT partner is expected to provide Internet connectivity and network infrastructure for the two-day MENOG Plenary to be delivered at the selected venue.

B.1 Internet Connectivity

  • Provide high-speed Internet connectivity to the Meeting venue. The Internet access speed must be at least 30Mbps.
  • The Internet connection should be unrestricted (meaning all ports should be open).
  • The ICT partner should endeavor to provide Internet access using both native IPv4 and IPv6.

B.2 Wireless Network

  • Supply a sufficient number of commercial grade wireless access points to provide coverage for all rooms used at the Plenary including the registration desk and coffee areas(at least six access points)
  • Wireless Network design would support both 802.11b/g and 802.11a on separate Short for Set Service Identifier (SSIDs)
  • The wireless network should be set up, tested and fully functioning at least one day in advance of the Plenary

B.3 Technical Contacts

During the setup and the Plenary, the MENOG secretariat needs the contact information (phone, name) of the local contact person responsible for the MENOG connectivity so that this person can be contacted if there are connectivity problems.

  • Arrange for a technical representative to be present and available at all times during MENOG to ensure that any issues with the wireless network can be dealt with as quickly as possible

C. MENOG Plenary Venue

MENOG secretariat will select the Plenary venue (with the assistance of the of the perspective Host). All Plenary expenses will be covered from the MENOG budget and meeting sponsors.

C.1 Venue Requirements

  • The preferred location of the Plenary venue is in the centre of a city, easily reached from the airport and close to public transport
  • The evening prior to the Plenary is needed for setup
  • One Plenary room of at least 150-200 seats, “theatre style” and “class room setup”, for both Plenary days
  • One break-out room for side activities (such as Bilateral Meetings and the IXP day zero activities)
  • A coffee break area for 150-200 people and for our stands for both Plenary days
  • A restaurant that can host a seated lunch for 150-200 people for both Plenary days

D. Accommodation

  • For the Plenary, a 4/5-star hotel is requested
  • It is preferred that the accommodation and the MENOG Plenary are at the same location
  • Internet connectivity in the accommodation rooms of MENOG delegates is mandatory

E. MENOG Social Event

On the first day of the Plenary, we schedule an evening social which is an important part of the MENOG Meeting. It provides the attendees with a chance to mingle in a more informal atmosphere.

  • An evening social can be a dinner, cocktail reception, boat tour etc., for 75-100 people in the evening of the first Plenary day
  • MENOG secretariat will select the social event venue (with the assistance of the of the perspective Host)

Application Procedure

Interested parties should kindly submit an expression of interest to: menog [at] ripe [dot] net