The MENOG Team helps the community of network engineers and other Internet technical staff, to define the main topics of exchange. They also represents the community and help on the organisation of events.

MENOG Programme Committee (PC) is responsible for the agenda development for the two plenary days.

PC Chair
  • Khalid Samara
    • Abdalmonem Galila
    • Halil Kama
    • Marco Brandstaetter
    • Massimiliano Stucchi
    • Mehmet Tik
    • Nishal Goburdhan
    • Philip Smith
    • Sami Saadaoui
    • Sami Salih

MENOG Secretariat is responsible for the overall administrative, organisational and logistical support for the event.

  • Chafic Chaya
  • Hisham Ibrahim
  • Jad El Cham
  • Sandra Gijzen