Presenter Name Session Presentation Title Type
Abdalmonem Galila Arabic Domain Name Operations Experiences Implementing Open Source Registry (.Masr Registry) application/pdf
Ahmed Maged Technical Operations I Introduction to Software Defined Networks application/pdf
Alan Mauldin Technical Plenary The Flat Earth Theory: Convergence of Prices Around the World application/
Andrew de la Haije Technical Operations I Obtaining and Managing IP Addresses application/keynote
Axel Pawlik Updates from the EcoSystem RIPE NCC Update application/pdf
Axel Pawlik Updates from the EcoSystem RIPE NCC Update application/zip
Bijal Sanghani IXP/Peering Updates IXP Related Projects at Euro-IX application/pdf
Chafic Chaya Academic Research Internet Governance: Toward A National Collaborative Internet Governance application/pdf
Chris Grundemann Technical Operations I What’s Happening at the IETF? Internet Standards and How to Get Involved application/
Christian Teuschel Technical Operations II RIPE Atlas & RIPEstat application/pdf
Fahd Batayneh Closing Plenary Greasing the Wheels of the Internet Economy application/pdf
Fahd Batayneh Updates from the EcoSystem The Middle East Strategy application/pdf
Gael Hernandez Technical Plenary Why peering is still relavent in the Middle East application/pdf
Jim Cowie Opening Plenary Middle Eastern Content Hosting in 2015 application/pdf
Kaveh Ranjbar Technical Operations III RIPE NCC Technical Services application/pdf
Khalid Samara Technical Operations II Multiple Generations Of Mobile Backhaul Technologies application/
Marc Ibrahim Academic Research COMIQUAL: Collaborative Measurement of Internet Quality in Lebanon application/pdf
Munir Badr Opening Plenary Domain & Hosting Industry Insight from a UAE hosting company – AEserver application/pdf
Paul Rendek Updates from the EcoSystem IANA Stewardship Transition Update application/keynote
Philip Smith Technical Operations III Routing Table Report application/pdf
Raed Alfayez Arabic Domain Name Operations SaudiNIC’s Variant Management System application/pdf
Raed Alfayez Arabic Domain Name Operations Assessment of IDNA User Experience application/pdf
Ramez Quneibi Closing Plenary TAGEPEDIA – The Online Arabic Content application/pdf
Samir Abdullatif Network Operations Group BoF SdNOG OVerview application/pdf
Samir Abdullatif Technical Operations III IPv6 Deployment Case of Sudan/SudREN application/
Sarmad Hussain Arabic Domain Name Operations IDN Program at ICANN application/pdf
Sebastian Madden Technical Operations II Cyber Security – implications of recent breaches application/
Shahab Vahabzadeh IXP/Peering Updates Update on IX Initiatives in Iran application/pdf
Simon Forster Technical Operations II How Hot is Your Network? application/keynote
Zakaria Al-Qudah Academic Research Internet Path Stability: Exploring the Impact of MPLS application/pdf