MENOG 15 Workshops - 28-31 March 2015

Is hosted by: UAE Telecommunication Regulatory Authority

MENOG 15 offers the following workshops:

Attendance at the four-day workshops is free of charge. The workshop includes lunch and coffee breaks for the scheduled four days.

Each day runs from 9:30-18:00, with lunch served between 13:00-14:00.

Workshop venue:

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)
Al Waheeda street – Al Memzar
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 2208888

Location and Directions

DNS Operations/DNSSEC Workshop

Course Description and Summary

This is a four-day, hands-on workshop.
The goal of the workshop is to enable the participants to:

  • Understand the basics of DNS
  • Understand the basic concepts of DNS Security;
  • Know how to configure a DNSSEC-enabled resolver for your network;
  • Know how to configure basic DNSSEC for your domains;
  • Know how to configure reverse DNSSEC records for your networks;
  • Get familiar with DNSSEC-related tools and procedures;
  • Know how to troubleshoot basic DNSSEC problems.

Target Audience

Systems administrators and network operators responsible for the DNS services in their organisation.

Workshop Requirements

  • Some understanding of DNS is required (for example, operational experience managing DNS servers is useful)
  • Some knowledge of Linux/UNIX command line
  • Good understanding of network basics (IP networking)

All participants will need to bring a laptop with WiFi access. You cannot use a tablet for this workshop.


Day 1:

  • Introduction, course overview, presentation of the lab environment
  • UNIX refresher
  • DNS refresher
  • Hands-on with dig, doc, Wireshark

Day 2:

  • DNS software overview
  • DNS delegation
  • Logging and monitoring

Day 3:

  • Securing DNS: DNS ACLs and TSIG
  • DNS and IPv6 (service and content)

Day 4:

  • DNS security and resiliency
  • Introduction to DNSSEC
  • Hands-on with DNSSEC
  • DNSSEC, continued
  • Signing, key management

Additional topics, depending on available time

  • DNS anycasting

Course Documents

  • Detailed course outline
  • Links to external documentation


Philip Paeps

Ferenc Csorba (RIPE NCC)


Advanced Routing Workshop

Workshop description and summary:

This four-day workshop is a mix of lectures and hands-on lab work to teach the skills required for the configuration and operation of large-scale networks that make up the Internet.

  • ISIS design and best practices for Service Provider networks
  • IPv6 Protocol, Addressing and Routing
  • BGP protocol, attributes and policy control
  • BGP scalability (including Route Reflectors and Communities)
  • BGP Best Practices, including Aggregation
  • BGP multihoming techniques (redundancy and load balancing)
  • BGP Communities as used by Network Operators
  • ISP Best Practices
  • Peering Best Practices

Detailed Agenda

The detailed agenda and day to day schedule is available on the Workshop Wiki.

Target audience

Technical staff who are now building or operating a wide-area service provider network or Internet Exchange Point, with international and/or multi-provider connectivity.

Workshop requirements

  • This workshop is not an introduction to routing. Successful completion of a previous MENOG Routing or IPv6 workshops or similar training is recommended.
  • It is assumed that the workshop participants are proficient with a router command line interface, have a good understanding of OSPF or ISIS, as well as experience with using BGP in an operational network.
  • The labs use Cisco IOS configuration syntax.
  • Some user-level Unix experience would be advantageous

All participants will need to bring a laptop with WiFi access. You cannot use a tablet for this workshop. The laptop will be used to access the lab network as well as the course materials on the workshop wiki.

Course Documents

The course schedule and materials are available on the Workshop Wiki.


Philip SmithNSRC
Anton BerezinNSRC