RACI@MENOG Application Guidance Notes

  1. Applicants may apply individually or in teams of two.
  2. All applications must be made in English.
  3. RACI applicants must be undergraduate or postgraduate students or researchers at a recognised, established academic organisation or institution located within the MENOG community.
  4. RACI applicants must submit provide slides of what they intend to present at the upcoming MENOG 15 meeting (500 words max).
  5. Proposed topics must be of interest to the MENOG community.
  6. The RACI Coordination Team will review the abstracts and they will select RACI applicants at their discretion.
  7. The applicants selected under RACI@MENOG will be awarded complimentary tickets to the two-day MENOG Meeting (1-2 April 2015 in Dubai), including lunches and social events. This ticket will include accommodation and travel costs that will be arranged by the RIPE NCC.
  8. One of the chosen RACI@MENOG attendees will be invited to present their topic at the upcoming RIPE 70 Meeting in Amsterdam (11-15 May 2015). Meeting registration (including lunches and social events), travel and accommodation will be paid for. The selected candidate will also receive a complimentary ticket to the RIPE Dinner.
  9. The candidate selected to attend RIPE 70 will be informed of the scheduling of their presentation.

Apply now for the opportunity to present your research at the next MENOG meeting and potentially the next RIPE Meeting too!