Presenter Name Presentation Title Date Added
Marco Hogewoning IPv6 Security – Where is the Challenge 2013-03-19
Darren Anstee 2012 Infrastructure Security Report 2013-03-14
Paul Mandl Peering with AS15169 in the Middle East 2013-03-14
Paul Rendek Internet Governance Update 2013-03-11
Lars-Erik Odman Closing the Content Gap – the Internet challenge for the Middle East 2013-03-11
Serge Radovcic All peering personal presentations 2013-03-07
Mohammed Nematullah Khan EMIX Peering Experiences 2013-03-07
Hisham Aboulyazed CAIX, an NTRA Operated IX 2013-03-07
Andy Davidson BGP Traffic Engineering 2013-03-07
Bijal Sanghani A look into the world of IXPs – Euro-IX 2013-03-07
Serge Radovcic Peering Personals at MENOG MPF 2013-03-07
Serge Radovcic Peering Personals (Open Office version) 2013-03-07
hisham Ibrahim CIR in Africa 2013-03-06
Ingrid Wijte IPv4 Transfers in the RIPE Region 2013-03-06
James Cowie Regional Connectivity Update 2013-03-06
G.Reza Mahmoudi Challenges of IPV6 for a WiMAX Operator: A Motivation for Migration to LTE 2013-03-06
hisham Ibrahim IPv6 for Managers 2013-03-04
Moustafa Kattan IETF Needs you 2013-03-04
Moustafa Kattan Converged IP + Optical Trends 2013-03-04
Ivan Pepelnjak Clouds, Overlays and SDN: What really matters 2013-03-03
Ivan Pepelnjak Could IXPs Use SDN/OpenFlow to Scale 2013-03-03
Ivan Pepelnjak OpenFlow and SDN: Hype or Useful Tools? 2013-03-03
Franck Simon The Challenges of Setting Up a New IXP: Feedback from France-IX – Franck Simon, France-IX Services 2013-03-01