Presenter Name Session Presentation Title Type Date Added
Salam Yamout Closing Session ISOC Online Training Courses application/ 2017-04-20
Khalid Samara Closing Session New Logo and Closing application/keynote 2017-04-20
Aftab Siddiqui Closing Session VXLAN Design and Deployment application/pdf 2017-04-20
Eric Ziegast DNS DNS Technologies for Resiliency application/pdf 2017-04-20
Tarek Fouad IPv6 Du – IPv6 Deployment Plans application/ 2017-04-20
Gergana Petrova Research and Interconnection The RIPE Academic Cooperation Initiative application/keynote 2017-04-19
Elvis Daniel Velea IPv6 IPv4 Transfers 5 years after runout application/pdfapplication/pdf 2017-04-19
Elvis Daniel Velea IPv6 IPv4 Transfers 5 years after runout application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2017-04-19
Johan ter Beest Peering and Content Missed Peering Opportunities in the Middle East application/keynote 2017-04-19
Hisham Ibrahim Peering and Interconnection Peering Introductions application/ 2017-04-19
Thomas Volmer Opening Session Introduction to Peering Bilaterals and Negotiations – What You Need to Know application/pdf 2017-04-19
Paul Rendek Opening Session RIPE NCC Update application/keynote 2017-04-19
Salim Al-Mazrui Opening Session Building a Global Network application/pdf 2017-04-19
Anurag Bhatia Peering and Interconnection BGP Routing Table Report application/pdf 2017-04-19
Nishal Goburdhan Peering and Interconnection PCH 2016 Survey of Interconnection Agreements application/pdf 2017-04-19
Tauqeer Safdar Closing Session User Interference Effect on Routing of Cognitive Radio Ad-Hoc Networks application/ 2017-04-18
Champika Wijayatunga DNS 2017 DNSSEC KSK Rollover application/pdf 2017-04-18
Yousef Torman Research and Interconnection Research and Education Infrastructures in the Arab region application/pdf 2017-04-17
nelly baz Closing Session NetNite Beirut | Building the technical community application/pdf 2017-04-17
Jan Zorz IPv6 NAT64/DNS64 real life experiments, warnings and also one useful tool application/ 2017-04-17
Marty Strong IPv6 A CDN’s perspective on IPv6 adoption in the Middle East application/ 2017-04-17
Ahmed Aleroud Closing Session Anonymization of Network Traces Using Noise Addition Techniques application/pdf 2017-04-17
Alessandro Improta Peering and Interconnection Isolario – the Real-time Internet Routing Observatory application/pdf 2017-04-16
Abdulsalam Alkholidi Research and Interconnection Analyzing of various Internet metrics over the time in GCC countries and Yemen application/pdf 2017-04-14
Ahmad Alsadeh Research and Interconnection IPv6 CGAs: Balancing between Security, Privacy and Usability application/pdf 2017-04-12
Sufyan Al-Janabi Closing Session Supporting Unconditionally Secure Authentication within e-Government Infrastructure based on QKD application/pdf 2017-04-12