Hosted by:
The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the Sultanate of Oman.

MENOG 17 offers the following workshops:

Attendance of the workshops is free of charge. The workshop includes lunch and coffee breaks for the scheduled three days.

Each day runs from 9:30-18:00, with lunch served between 13:00-14:00.

Note: You may choose only one workshop and you must attend all days of the workshop to receive an official certificate of attendance on the last day.

IPv6 Workshop for ISPs

Workshop Description and Summary

This is a three-day, hands-on workshop, 16-18 April 2017
In three days, we cover all the important topics to get started with IPv6. From building a scalable IPv6 addressing plan, to security and how to implement IPv6 in BGP.
This course includes and hands-on labs exercises.

Required knowledge / experience:

  • IPv4 routing
  • OSPFv2
  • BGP for IPv4

Target audience:

We recommend this three-day Internet Service Provider IPv6 workshop for engineers who are new to IPv6 but have a good knowledge of routing, IGP and BGP.

Workshop requirements:

Please bring a laptop with Chrome, Safari or Firefox as a browser. Our labs do NOT support Internet Explorer. Also, our labs are not functional on a tablet or phone. Please note that all our workshops and workshop materials will be in English only.


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Pedro da Silva Vaz (RIPE NCC)
Jad El Cham (Data Consult)

DNS Operations/DNSSEC Workshop

Workshop Description and Summary

This is a three-day, hands-on workshop 16-18 April 2017.

The goal of the workshop is to enable the participants to:

  • Understand the concepts of DNS and DNS Operations
  • Know how to configure DNS Recursive and Authoritative Servers
  • Reverse DNS Configurations
  • Understand the concepts of DNS Security and DNSSEC
  • Configuring DNSSEC and Securing zones
  • DNSSEC Key management

Target audience

Systems administrators and network operators responsible for the DNS services in their organisation.

Workshop requirements

Some understanding of DNS is required (for example, operational experience managing DNS servers is useful)
Some knowledge of Linux/UNIX command line
Good understanding of network basics (IP networking)
All participants will need to bring a laptop with WiFi access. You cannot use a tablet for this workshop.

It is highly recommended that participants bring their own laptops (with a Unix/Linux VM) with administrative access to system to practice the lessons learned during the workshop.


Day 1
DNS Concepts
Root Servers, Authoritative Servers, Recursive Servers
Setting up and Configuring DNS Servers
DNS and IPv6

Day 2
DNS Debugging Tools, Utilities and Troubleshooting
DNS Security
Transaction Signatures (TSIG)
DNSSEC Concepts

Day 3
Configuring DNSSEC and Securing Zones
Distributing Secure Data with DNSSEC
Troubleshooting DNSSEC
DNSSEC Key management and Key rollovers

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Champika Wijayatunga (ICANN)
Abdelmonim Galilla (IDN ccTLD for Egypt)