Presentations from MENOG 3 are available for download in PDF format

Tuesday 15 April 2008

Title Presenter
Opening Plenary
Keynote: IPv4 Run-out, Trading, and rpki Randy Bush (IIJ)
Keynote: Evolution to a Global ISP Nishal Goburdhan (Internet Solutions)
Panel Session − Middle East Fibre cuts
Recent Cable Breaks – A Middle Eastern Perspective Earl Zmijewski (Renesys)
Middle East Cable Cuts And Network Outages Mark Dranse (RIPE NCC)
Cable breaks: Ultimate test of network robustness Yves Poppe (TATA International)
Technical Operations 1: Routing Systems and Services
Pakistan vs. YouTube − a RIS With a View Mark Dranse (RIPE NCC)
The Day the YouTube Died – What happened and what we might do about it Earl Zmijewski (Renesys)
Routing Security Randy Bush (IIJ)
IP Resource Certification Oleg Muravskiy (RIPE NCC)
Prefix-list Sanity Checker Philip Smith (for Gaurab Raj Upadhaya − PCH)

Wednesday 16 April

Title Presenter
Introduction to Anycast Philip Smith (for Gaurab Raj Upadhaya)
IPv6 Routing Philip Smith (Cisco)
Optimizing Peering with Routing-Aware Traffic Analysis Pete Crocker (Packet Design)
BGP for Internet Service Providers Philip Smith (Cisco)

Thursday 17 April

Title Presenter
Technical Operations 2 − IPv6
IPv6 Routing System Update Philip Smith (for Gert Doering − SpaceNet)
ICANN IPv6 Update Baher Esmat (ICANN)
IPv6 Statistics and policies Update Filiz Yilmaz (RIPE NCC)
Technical Operations 3 − Peering and IXPs
sFlow Implementation at LINX Richard Yule (LINX)
JINX evolution and peering in South Africa Nishal Goubardhan (Internet Solutions)
Peering Resiliency Andrew Oon (Equinix)
Peering Wars Earl Zmijewski (Renesys)
Technical Operations 4 − Network Operations
RIPE NCC Activities and Services Axel Pawlik (RIPE NCC)
Statistics and Policy Update Filiz Yilmaz (RIPE NCC)