Abdalmonem Galila

Abdalmonem Gallia’s professional career started at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology where he held several roles including technical lead on several projects in many governmental organizations and engaged with ICANN activities since 2010. He is the first-ever recipient of the ICANN’s Tarek Kamel Fellowship Recognition.

Currently, Gallia holds the position of Numbering Planning Manager at the National Telecom Regulatory Authority of EGYPT, Numbering Affairs department responsible for operating and maintaining the .masr (.مصر) IDN ccTLD of Egypt.

As an ICANN community member, Galila has been an active Internet evangelist at various forums such as the ME DNS Forum, Universal Acceptance Steering Group, AFRALO, ME-Space , *TLDs and *IGF.

Galila holds many positions like vice chair of Universal Acceptance steering group, vice chair of Email Address Internationalization work group and the chair of Universal Acceptance ambassadors work group and is conducting many international sessions (International IGF, African IGF, *NOGs .. etc) , trainings , hands-on workshops and engaging as a technical expert for any issues related to the project of Universal Acceptance.

Gallia is also a member of the Task Force on Arabic script Internationalized Domain Names (TF-AID) ) that focuses on technical issues and solutions to promote Arabic IDNs, their secure deployment and ease of use for the community, as well as an observer of Security, Stability, and Resiliency of the DNS (SSR2) and DNS|DNSSEC Trainer at DNS Entrepreneurship Center (DNS-EC).