IPv6 Workshop for ISPs


  • Roadshow – 3 day ISP
  • We recommend this 3 day Internet Service Provider IPv6 Training Course for engineers that are new to IPv6 but have a good knowledge of routing, IGP and BGP.
  • In 3 days, we cover all the important topics to get started with IPv6. From building a scalable IPv6 addressing plan, to security and how to implement IPv6 in BGP.
  • This course has a lot of exercises and hands-on labs.


Required knowledge / experience:

  • IPv4 routing
  • OSPFv2
  • BGP for IPv4


Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
9:00 Coffee Coffee Coffee
9:30 Introduction Wrap up day 1 Wrap up day 2
10:00 IPv4 IPv6 Packets Mobile Providers
10:30 IPv6 Basics Routing Basics Exercise: Configuring SLAAC
11:00 Coffee Coffee Coffee
11:15 Exercise: IPv6 notation Exercise: Adding IPv6 to Loopbacks and Links Exercise: Configuring SLAAC
11:30 Getting IPv6 OSPFv3 DHCPv6
12:00 Exercise: Making Assignments Exercise: Configuring OSPFv3  Exercise: Configuring DHCPv6
12:30 IPv6 Protocol Basics BGP
13:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00 Addressing Plans BGP Security
14:30 Exercise: IPv6 Addressing Plans Exercise: Configuring BGP  Exercise: Configuring 6rd
15:00 Deploying IPv6 Content
15:30 Transitioning Mechanisms End End
16:00 Exercise: Configuring an IPv6 Tunnel
16:30  Real Life IPv6 Deployments
17:00 Tips & Tricks