Networking at MENOG 22

Networking with MENOG Meeting attendees has never been easier!

In the peering world, peering agreements are done through a handshake at a meeting or social event. The MENOG Meeting and Peering Forum is introducing the following sessions and tools to help facilitate networking opportunities:

Peering Personals

At the end of every session, peering coordinators will have an opportunity to provide the audience with a brief introduction. The introduction should cover details of their AS Numbers, where they peer, peering policy, contact information, and explain why other participants should peer with them.

The MENOG secretariat will send an email to checked-in attendees inviting them to send in one slide with the details above.

RIPE Networking App

MENOG attendees can use the RIPE Networking App to book meetings with fellow attendees, view the meeting agenda and send messages to other app users. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play. Learn more about the RIPE Networking app.

Peering Bilateral Sessions

The MENOG Meeting and Peering Forum provides the opportunity to strengthen and build new peering relationships with over 200 attendees during the event. We have set aside two 90-minute sessions during the event to allow for more peering negotiations and agreements.