For all meeting sessions there will be live audio translation from English to Farsi and vice-versa. Headphones will be provided to attendees so that they can listen to the live audio translations.

Plenary Day 1 (25 April)

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran
Meeting Room Zarrin

09:00‑09:30 Registration and Welcome Coffee
Opening Session
(Moderator: Shahin Gharghi)
09:30‑10:00 Opening Ceremony
10:00‑10:30 Opening Talk from Local Host – Kamran Shokoofandeh (IPM)
10:30‑11:00 Opening Talk from Local Host – Shahab Vahabzadeh (Asiatech)
11:00‑11:30 Coffee Break
Local and Regional Internet Analysis
(Moderator: Milad Afshari)
11:30‑12:00 Country Analysis: Iran – Christian Teuschel (RIPE NCC)
12:00‑12:30 IPv6 Implementation Challenges in Iran – Shahin Gharghi (Asiatech)
12:30‑13:00 Internationalised Domain Names – Alireza Saleh (IPM)
13:00‑14:00 Lunch Brilliant and Almas
Regional Cooperation in Digital Infrastructure and IXP
(Moderator: Shahab Vahabzadeh)
14:00‑16:00 Iran has a large number of neighbours with different cultures, languages and technological development. This panel will look into how Iran can leverage its strategic geographical position to develop regional cooperation in digital infrastructure. Panellists include:

  • Behzad Akbari, TIC, Iran
  • Armen Hovhannisyan, Ucom, Operator, Armenia
  • Nurbek Abaskanov, State Agency of Telecommunications, Government, Kyrgyzstan
  • Abbas Riazi, GBI, Iran
  • Bulent Sen, DE-CIX, Turkey
16:00‑16:30 Coffee Break
NOG Plenary
(Moderator: Philip Paeps)
16:30‑17:00 Obtaining, Managing and Protecting IP Addresses – Xavier le Bris (RIPE NCC)
17:00‑17:30 Disentangling Joint Responsibility for Web Security in Shared Hosting – Samaneh Tajalizadehkhoob, Delft University of Technology (RACI)
17:30‑18:00 Anycast CDN – Ahmad Reza Mollapour (ArvanCloud)

Plenary Day 2 (26 April)

Meeting Room Zarrin

09:00‑09:30 Registration and Welcome Coffee
NOG Session
(Moderator: Shahin Gharghi)
09:30‑10:00 RIPE NCC Update – Axel Pawlik CEO (RIPE NCC)
10:00‑10:30 Modern Network Servers – Philip Paeps (The FreeBSD Project)
10:30‑11:00 Impact of Carrier Grade NAT on Web Browsing – Ali Safari Khatouni, Politecnico di Torino (RACI)
11:00‑11:30 Coffee Break
DNS and Data Protection
(Moderator: Philip Paeps)
11:30‑12:00 Data Protection – Syuzi Hovhannisyan Yerevan State University (RACI)
12:00‑12:30 Quad9: A Free, Secure, DNS Resolver – Nishal Goburdhan (Packet Clearing House)
12:30‑13:00 Proactive Protection Through DNS – Alireza Vaziri (KMU)
13:00‑14:00 Lunch Brilliant and Almas
Closing and Lighting Talks
(Moderator: Nishal Goburdhan)
14:00‑14:30 Internet Service Provider Attack Issue – Mohammad Reza Mostame
14:30-15:00 Introducing Fastnetmon for Persian community – Omid Kosari (Shabdiz Telecom Network JSC)
15:00‑15:30 Lightning Talks

  • Iran LIRs Group – Arash Naderpour (Parsun Network Solutions)
  • RIPE Academic Cooperation Initiative (RACI) – Gergana Petrova (RIPE NCC)
  • IPv6 Impact on Energy Consumption Small Objects Network Based – Cherkaoui Leghris,  University of Casablanca (RACI)
  • The Iranian NOG – Milad Afshari (Asiatech)
  • Faster 5G-IoT and their interworking -Ehsan Ghasemi
15:30‑16:00 Coffee Break
16:00‑17:30 Tutorial
Segment Routing – Rasoul Mesghali