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Presenter Name Presentation Title Date Added
Marco Brandstaetter Unknown arguments for peering 2013-09-24
Paolo Lucente Collecting NetFlow with pmacct 2013-09-23
Marco Schmidt Registration Service Update 2013-09-22
Fredy Kuenzler Traffic Engineering by Excel – Commercial Aspects of IP Capacity 2013-09-22
Baher Esmat Middle East Engagement Strategy 2013-09-22
Philip Smith Internet Development Experiences and Lessons 2013-09-22
Massimiliano Stucchi Security Scenarios in IPv6 2013-09-22
Paolo Lucente Network traffic telemetry (NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow) 2013-09-21
Marco Hogewoning Detecting and Preventing Route Hijacks 2013-09-21
Philip Smith IXP Design Tutorial 2013-09-20
Philip Smith BGP Multihoming Tutorial 2013-09-20
Philip Smith Internet Routing Table Status & Deaggregation Update 2013-09-20
Christian Teuschel Using RIPEstat 2013-09-19
Christian Teuschel RIPEstat & RIPE Atlas 2013-09-19
Raju Raghavan S Lessons Learned and best practices – Engineering a global dual stack and DDoS Mitigation infrastructure 2013-09-18
Jan Zorz The story of RIPE-554 2013-09-18
Jan Zorz Best Current Operational Practices – Efforts from the Internet Society 2013-09-18