Presentations from MENOG 2 are available for download in PDF format

Monday 19 November 2007

Title Presenter
The IETF Standards Process and DNSSEC Olaf Kolkman (NLnet Labs)
RIPE NCC Regional Meeting
RIPE Activities and Services Axel Pawlik (RIPE NCC)
Statistics and Policy update Filiz Yilmaz (RIPE NCC)
Certification Reports Andrew de la Haye (RIPE NCC)
Introdution to Information Services Mark Dranse (RIPE NCC)
K-root Update Andrei Robachevsky (RIPE NCC)
RIPE NCC Regional Meeting

Tuesday 20 November

Title Presenter
IPv6 Panel Session
IPv6 Routing – What’s New Philip Smith (Cisco Systems)
IPv6 Transition and Operational Reality Randy Bush (Internet Initiative Japan)
IPv6 Deployment Experiences at AfricaOnline Mark Tinka (Global Transit)
IPv6 Deployment Experiences at Claranet David Freedman (Claranet)
IPv6 Operational Experiences From an IXP and Root-server Operator Kurtis Lindqvist (Netnod)
Anycasting for the Kurtis Lindqvist (Netnod)
ISOC Activities in Education, Policies and Standards Mirjam Kuehne (ISOC)
IANA IPv4/IPv6 update Baher Esmat (ICANN)
CITC Projects (National Internet Exchange, IPv6, Arabic Domain Names) Raed Al-Fayez (CITC)
Deaggregation Report Philip Smith (Cisco Systems)
Operations I
Emirates Internet Exchange EMIX Adel Al Shakeri (Etisalat)
Importance of Regional Carrier Neutral Facilities Tariq Husain (Gateway Gulf)
A Regional CERT Ian M. Dowdeswell (QCERT)

Wednesday 21 November

Title Presenter
Operations II
Bandwith and Network Infrastructure Needs for Telepresence Marshall Eubanks (Iformata Communications)
Rankings, Damned Rankings & Statistics Earl Zmijewski (Renesys)
Certification Project Henk Uijterwaal (RIPE NCC)
32-bit ASN status Philip Smith (Cisco Systems)
IPv6 Routing Philip Smith (Cisco Systems)
Layer 2 Attacks Yusuf Bhaiji (Cisco Systems)
Get VPN Nadhem Al Fardan (Cisco Systems)
BGP Techniques Philip Smith (Cisco Systems)
RIPE NCC LIR Tutorial Alex Band (RIPE NCC)
Datacenter Network and Architecture Navaid Shamsee (Cisco Systems)