RACI Presentation Abstracts

MSR: A Multipath Secure Reliable Routing Protocol for WSNs

My master’s thesis contributes to solving secure and reliable routing problems by presenting a secure and reliable multipath routing protocol (MSR) for wireless sensor networks (WSNs). MSR consists of three key components: on-demand multipath routing, enhanced passive acknowledgment, and erasure coding. On-demand routing enhances the security and reliability of the routing protocol while enhanced passive acknowledgment is used to enhance the security of the protocol and reduce its overhead. In addition, erasure coding is used to increase the protocol security and reliability.


Management of Inter-domain Quality of Service (QoS)

Over the last decade, the Internet experienced enormous evolution. This evolution included a huge rise in the quantity of traffic circulating over Internet and the important diversity of the traffic’s type. Each type of traffic requires specific QoS parameters. This point may present a serious concern due to the difficulty in ensuring QoS for traffic that crosses multiple domains or Autonomous Systems (ASs). To solve this problem, we proposed a new mechanism named QoS-CMS that ensures the end-to-end QoS requirements over multiple ASs. The mechanism ensures continuity in QoS guarantees when transiting from one domain to another, by keeping the same values of QoS parameters required by the traffic even during its passage across several ASs.