Presenter Name Presentation Title Date Added
Saleh J. Mansour Palestine Internet Exchange Point (PIX) 2012-09-22
Ziad Zubidah Hardening Network Devices tutorial 2012-09-24
Marco Hogewoning Resource Certification Status Update 2012-10-03
Gerardo Viviers MENOG Tutorial 2012-10-03
Gerardo Viviers RIPE Policy Update 2012-10-05
Philip Smith Peering, Transit and IXPs 2012-10-07
Baher Esmat New gTLD Program Update 2012-10-07
Baher Esmat Arab IGF 2012-10-07
Martin J. Levy Visualizing IP networks
within the Arab Region
Fredy K├╝nzler How to Become a Smart IP Transit Buyer 2012-10-07
Ahmed Otoom National Information Assurance and Cyber Security Strategy (NIACSS) 2012-10-07
Harith Dawood Introduction To IPv6 Security 2012-10-08
Philip Smith IPv6 Address Planning 2012-10-08
Philip Smith ISP+IXP Network Design 2012-10-08
Job Snijders NLNOG RING 2012-10-08
Ghalib Kharabsheh IPv6 experience in NITC 2012-10-15
Hanna Kreitem The other end of the line: users 2012-10-15
Marco Hogewoning IPV6 CPE 2012 2012-10-15
Yousef Torman R&E Networking 2012-10-18
Mohammad Jarrar Encryption: How To Secure My Data 2012-10-18
Yousef Torman Towards Developing the e-Infrastructures
in the Arab World