Two workshops are on offer for MENOG 6:


IPv4/IPv6 Routing Workshop

A workshop for those building or operating a wide area TCP/IP based ISP network or Internet eXchange Point (IXP) with international and/or multi-provider connectivity.

Instructors: Gaurab Raj Upadhaya (Packet Clearing House) and Stefan Olofsson (Cisco)

Who should attend?

This is a technical workshop, made up of lectures and hands-on lab work. It is open to technical staff who are now building or operating a wide area Service Provider network or Internet eXchange Point (IXP), likely with international and/or multi-provider connectivity.


Participants must have technical day to day hands on experience of Internet routers. Cisco IOS Fundamentals, user level UNIX and maybe some system administration, some use of network design preferably TCP/IP-based is also helpful.

What you will learn

  • Techniques for design, set-up, and operation of a metropolitan, regional, or national ISP backbone network. This includes advanced OSPF, BGP4, and policy based routing configurations.
  • Techniques for multiple connections to the Internet (multihoming), including connections to IXPs and ISPs.
  • Techniques to achieve optimal performance and configuration from a Cisco backbone router. This includes routing scalability, network design, and configuration tips.

Technologies Covered

IPv4 and IPv6, OSPF, iBGP, eBGP, BGP Scaling, BGP Policies, Route Reflectors, BGP Best Practices, BGP Configuration Essentials, IXP Design.

Each class is different and tuned to the participants requirements. If there are any specific requirements, these should be communicated to the instructors during the workshops. The instructors who teach at these workshops are among the top Internet engineers today and between them, have a great deal of knowledge on many current technologies.

Please be aware that participants are required to bring laptops


Robust and Reliable DNS Infrastructure

Instructors: Phil Regnauld (NSRC) and Raed Al-Fayez (CITC)

This workshop is a mix of theory and labs. Participants should bring their own laptops. Participants should be familiar with popular DNS, as well as linux/unix concepts and commands.

See the MENOG 6 Agenda for details.