Discover Amman’s ongoing commitment to creating an inclusive city for everyone. The city is dedicated to making public spaces, transportation, cultural venues, education, and digital platforms accessible to individuals with disabilities. Amman works towards a future where everyone can fully participate in the social, cultural, and economic life of its dynamic and welcoming city.

Public Spaces: Amman is transforming sidewalks, parks, and recreational areas with ramps, tactile paving, and accessible crossings, ensuring everyone can navigate the city streets with ease.

Public Transportation: Efforts are underway to make buses and terminals more inclusive, featuring ramps, elevators, and other accessibility features. The city is also exploring accessible taxis and rideshare services for seamless transportation.

Cultural and Recreational Venues: Amman takes pride in its cultural heritage. Museums, theatres, and other venues are being equipped with ramps, elevators, and accessible facilities. Inclusive programmes and events promote diversity and equal participation.

Education and Workplaces: Investing in accessible infrastructure for schools, universities, and workplaces, Amman ensures ramps, accessible restrooms, and inclusive technologies. Awareness campaigns encourage businesses to adopt inclusive hiring practices.

Digital Accessibility: Amman prioritises digital accessibility, designing government websites and online services with inclusivity in mind. Everyone, including those with disabilities, can easily access information and engage with digital platforms.

Community Engagement: The city actively involves the community in its accessibility initiatives. Regular forums and events gather feedback from individuals with disabilities, families, and advocacy groups. Together, Amman aligns its efforts with the diverse needs of all residents.