Sufyan T. Faraj Al-Janabi

Prof. Dr. Sufyan T. Faraj Al-Janabi was born in Haditha, Iraq (1971). He obtained his B.Sc. (1992), M.Sc. (1995), and Ph.D. (1999) in Electronic and Communications Engineering from the College of Engineering, Nahrain University in Baghdad. He was started as a faculty member in Computer Engineering Dept., University of Baghdad in 1999. Then he became the Head of that department in 2001.

During May 2004- June 2006 he was the Dean of College of Information Technology, Nahrain University. He became the Dean of College of Computer, University of Anbar, Ramadi during July 2006- May 2010. His research interest includes internet protocols, information security, and quantum cryptography. Prof. (Faraj) Al-Janabi is the winner of the 1st Award for the Best Research Paper in Information Security from the Association of Arab Universities (AARU), Jordan, 2003.

He is also the winner of the ISEP fellowship 2009 and the Fulbright fellowship 2010, USA. He is a member of ACM, ASEE, IACR, and IEEE. More information can be found on the personal website link at: