Host a Roadshow

MENOG Roadshows operate based on a partnership model. Local host organisations (generally from government, regulators or Internet service providers) gather participants from the local technical community and provide a suitable venue for the event. MENOG coordinates experts from the global technical community to serve as Roadshow instructors.

This partnership model provides a structured process to effectively and efficiently build tailored training events to meet local needs, while developing stronger relationships between Internet stakeholders in the region.

Are You Interested in Hosting a MENOG Roadshow?

Host Benefits:

  • High-level of exposure to an audience of industry peers
  • Your company logo displayed on the MENOG website and on other materials
  • Exposure as industry leader promoting IPv6 in the Middle East
  • The convenience of holding the event locally; no costs for travel or accommodation

Host Requirements:

The Host will provide:

  • A classroom or “u-shape” conference room for 20-25 people for 3 or 5 days
  • A flip chart, projector, screen and board markers, and a high-speed Internet for the event
  • Facilities to hold three coffee breaks and one lunch break for 20-25 people for each day of the event
  • Catering supplies for the coffee breaks and lunch (cutlery, plates, cups/glasses etc.) for 20-25 people for each day of the event

Furthermore the Host will

  • Promote the event to local government and enterprise peers and will facilitate and encourage government and enterprise peers to participate in the event
  • Be responsible for the registration of all attendees of the event

MENOG will Provide:

  • All workshop materials, including all costs for the shipping of the workshop materials
  • An instructor for the workshop, including all costs for the travel and accommodation of the instructor

Contact ipv6-roadshow [at] ripe [dot] net if you wish to host this popular event.