MENOG Workshops

MENOG workshops offer five days of world-class training and mentoring on routing, DNS and IPv6 from acknowledged networking experts. These workshops are of special interest to network engineers and operators who run existing ISP infrastructure.

The workshops are carefully designed for attendees with a working knowledge of configuration fundamentals and who are interested in scaling their network operation or who are about to deploy a new network. There is a fee for attending the workshops, which includes lunch for the scheduled five days.

Previous MENOG Workshops:


You can also help to determine the content of the MENOG workshops. If there are topics you are particularly interested in and would like to see covered by the workshops,email menog-sec [at] menog [dot] net and let us know.

MENOG Tutorials

MENOG tutorials are 90-minute in-depth technical presentations focused on a particular subject. The tutorials run adjacent to the MENOG workshops and attendees can submit ideas for tutorials on areas of special interest to them.

Previous tutorial topics have included:
•    Network security, IPSec, DDoS mitigation
•    IPv6 deployment
•    Content filtering and anti-spam
•    Internet exchanges, construction, peering and collocation
•    Network planning, management and traffic engineering

Suggestions for other tutorial topics that are of interest to network operators in the region are always welcome. If there’s a topic you’d like to see covered, contact us at menog-sec [at] menog [dot] net and let us know.