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Meet us in Dubai for MENOG 15

The upcoming Middle East Network Operators Group (MENOG 15) / RIPE NCC Regional Meeting will be held from 28 March until 2 April 2015 in Dubai.

MENOG 15 offers a great opportunity to network with colleagues sharing experiences and knowledge, presenting and discussing latest networking innovations and discover new business models and applications. It is a highly selective meeting attended by experts and interested people from industry, academia and government.

In its new 2015 edition, The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will host MENOG15 Workshops on DNS operation, DNSSEC and advanced routing from 28 until 31 March 2015. As for MENOG15 conference, it will be held on 1 & 2 April 2015 at Hyatt Park hotel in Dubai.

MENOG and Your Organisation

The Middle East Network Operators Group (MENOG) is the established international forum that brings together key players in the Middle East’s Internet network operations, including:

  • Network operators
  • Vendors
  • ISPs
  • Research communities and technical groups
  • Governments and regulators

MENOG’s participants come together at MENOG Meetings and on the MENOG mailing list to share their expertise with peers in the Middle East and beyond. Your participation strengthens MENOG and increases the knowledge base that both yourself and others can draw from.

Through MENOG, you can ensure that your organisation keeps up to date with the latest developments and discussions in network operations and deployment. In addition, you and your colleagues can access a wide range of technical skills and strategy from the experts who participate in MENOG. Participating in MENOG provides a wealth of opportunities for:

  • Business networking
  • Traffic peering
  • Technical workshops
  • Updates from key regional and global organisations
  • Discussion of the latest trends and challenges that face the Internet industry