Remote Broadcast Hub

If you cannot attend the MENOG Meeting & Peering forum, you can still participate in the following ways:

Remote Participation

MENOG sessions are always broadcast live via web-streaming, allowing remote participation. Just like the previous MENOG meetings, you can follow all the sessions from your home or office and send in your questions through our online participation platform.

Participation through a Remote Broadcast Hub

MENOG 19 Meeting & Peering Forum – Remote hub hosts:
This was a great success with over 100 attendees in three different hubs in Palestine, Sudan and Yemen.

Remote Broadcast Hubs make the remote participation experience more engaging. A Remote Broadcast Hub is a place for people to gather together and watch the webcast of the MENOG sessions and share their contributions to be answered by panellists.

The Remote Broadcast hubs will be able to ask for the floor when the panel moderator opens it for questions from the audience and send questions by using the online participation platform. Hub moderators can also hold debates to discuss the themes introduced during the MENOG plenary.

We are keen to partner with local organisations across the region to host a MENOG Remote Broadcast Hub. You can find more details on hosting a hub below.

Here’s why you should join your local MENOG Remote Broadcast Hub

  • You can follow MENOG sessions with a group of fellow experts
  • This offers you a networking opportunity and allows for community building
  • You can participate in discussions with your fellow attendees at the remote hub
  • You can share a local/ regional perspective during panel discussions

MENOG Remote Broadcast Hub Technical Documentation.

Host a MENOG Remote Broadcast Hub

Take the lead in bringing the local networking community together by hosting a remote hub. Here is what you need:

  • A room that can comfortably fit the expected number of participants
  • Refreshments and beverages for the coffee breaks and lunch
  • Technical setup for the live web-stream (please see MENOG Remote Broadcast Hub Technical Documentation for more details about Internet connectivity, audio and video requirements)
  • One person to take on the role of the Hub Coordinator
  • One person to take on the role of the Hub Moderator, who will lead the discussions as well as transmit the hub participants’ questions or comments to MENOG through the remote participation channels
  • A general call in lists, forums etc, to invite the interested local community.


MENOG is an open, public session that does not charge for registration. Hubs are not authorised to charge any fees for hub participation.

If you are interested in hosting a MENOG Remote Broadcast Hub, please send a mail to menog [at] ripe [dot] net with the following information:

Country/City interested in hosting the hub
Number of expected participants within the hub
Hub Coordinator
Hub Moderator
Possible area(s) of interest
Contact information

Please note that the local hub coordinator and moderator have to be present at the MENOG Remote Broadcast Hub during the event.