Travel and Useful Information

Getting from the Airport to City Centre

The Airport

Bahrain International Airport

By Car

It takes about 19 minutes to reach the city centre by car.

By Taxi

Taxicabs are located in the ground transportation area of the main terminal, outside ‘Arrivals’.

Bahrain taxi cabs are white and orange.

We recommend passengers to negotiate fares prior boarding a taxi. Carrying a map of the area could be helpful, as some drivers are not locals.

The price for a taxi ride from the airport to the centre of Manama is about six Bahraini Dinar. Book your taxi in advance and discover the comfort of pre-booked taxis.

If you have any complaints, please contact Taxi Authority: +973 17 782 828.

Public Transport

It is possible to travel to and from Bahrain International airport by public transport.

Useful Telephone Numbers

Bahrain use the universal European emergency number 112 for Police/Fire/Ambulance. An operator will redirect the call to the appropriate service.

For specific cases, use the following numbers:

  • National Emergency Call Center: 999
  • Traffic Police: 199
  • Emergency – Casualty Bureau: 990
  • Emergency – Criminal Investigations (CID): 992

The telephone prefix for Bahrain is +973


The Bahraini currency is called the Bahraini Dinar.
Abbreviation: BHD
Exchange rates for foreign currencies, valid on 5 December 2018: USD 1 = 0.376 BHD


All credit and charge cards can be used at ATMs.

There are more than 300 ATMs in Bahrain, all of which are operated by BENEFIT (Bahrain Electronic Network for Financial Transactions).

The majority of ATMs offer 24-hour service, and customers withdrawing cash using a bank card issued by any Bahraini bank will incur no charges at the machines.

Be aware that Bahraini society is cash-based. Very few people use credit or debit cards for small purchases. Cheques are seldomly used.


Electrical: 220 UK
Measures: Metric

Time Zone

In March, Behrain operates on UTC+3


Bahrain has a desert climate, mild in winter and very hot in summer.

The best time to visit Bahrain is mid-November to mid-March to avoid the summer heat.


Bahrain means ‘Two Seas’. A fitting name for an archipelago of 33 islands in the Gulf, which defines itself in relation to the water that surrounds its shallow shores.

Capital City: Manama, Language: Arabic and English, Religion; Islam.

Bahrain is a social liberal state, but many Bahrainis are conservative.

Respect local traditions, customs, laws and religions at all times and be aware of your actions to ensure that they do not offend anyone.

Dress conservatively in public places, especially religious sites.

Working dress code is formal (suits and ties for men, business clothes for women). Bahrain has always warmly received visitors from around the world.

Their history remains true: They welcome international tourists and investors with open arms, and it’s in their nature to help.

All residents and visitors must carry a photo ID. If you fail to show your ID you may be subject to a fine of up to 300BHD.

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