Paolo Lucente

Paolo_Lucente125x150I currently work as Senior Network Consultant at Cisco Systems, part of the Service Provider Software and Applications Group. I’m also the author of the free, open-source software package pmacct. Along with years of experience in the network operators arena, I bring an interest in the economics of traffic exchange in the public Internet and I’m a contributor in many community forums, particularly in Europe. Previously, I covered senior engineering and development positions at large national and international service providers across Europe and the regional research network in my homeland in south Italy, Apulia.


  • Large-scale IP traffic accounting, analysis and mining
  • Peering, capacity planning and traffic engineering in global network scenarios
  • IP networks architecture and design
  • NetFlow, sFlow and IPFIX network telemetry protocols
  • BGP, IS-IS and MPLS routing
  • Cisco and Juniper SP core/edge platforms
  • UNIX/Linux systems administration
  • Programming and scripting