Mariam Ahmed Moustafa

Mariam Ahmed MoustafaMariam Ahmed Moustafa is a talented researcher, teaching assistant and a co-founder of Dimensions Egypt. She received a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt.

She started her career as a software developer at ISFP (Integrated Solutions for Ports) for six years, then she joined the university as a teaching assistant for six semesters, after then she became the BlackBerry Developer Community Manager by developing dozens of top rated / paid applications and games. At 2014, she establishes her own-business as a software company called “Dimensions”, which is specialized in developing 2D, 3D and video games, mobile applications and Interactive architecture modeling. Mariam now is looking for applying to the next logical step in her life goals to be a PhD student.

Mariam dream to make a big change in her society by typically model the Arab-African tech-women. She loves drawing. She can be contacted at: elansary [dot] mam [at] gmail [dot] com