Amir Tabdili

Amir Tabdili began his networking career in 1996 at Sprint Corporation where he worked on the Sprintlink backbone as an Operations Engineer.


At Sprint, Amir acted as the last level of support for the operations staff, and also implemented the first Interprovider multicast network. Amir joined Juniper Networks in 1999, and for 10 years he embarked on various leadership technical roles. At Juniper, he was instrumental in the deployment of Juniper products into numerous large service provider networks, as well as their early success in these networks.


Amir founded Cypress Consulting in 2010. Cypress provides consulting services globally to large service providers and enterprises. With Cypress, in his role as the chief consultant, Amir has been involved in multiple IPv6 and Carrier Grade NAT deployments worldwide.


Amir has bachelor degrees in Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering from Vanderbilt University, and an MBA from the University of Maryland.